Entrepreneurship Wind Blows at IYTE: Entrepreneurship Panel at IEEE IYTE PEAK Congress

As Skymod, we were very excited by the intense interest received by the students in the "Entrepreneurship Panel" event held at Izmir Economics Congress Center within the scope of the EEE IYTE Professional Interaction Transfer (PEAK) Congress on May 12, 2024.

IYTE Iztech Peak Entrepreneurship Panel

Entrepreneurship Wind Blows at IYTE: Entrepreneurship Panel at IEEE IYTE PEAK Congress

The Entrepreneurship Panel, held on May 12, 2024, as part of the IEEE IYTE Professional Engagement Advancement Congress (PEAK), provided an unforgettable experience by bringing together aspiring young entrepreneurs with experienced entrepreneurs. Organized by the IYTE Student Club specifically for students, the event aimed to inspire future entrepreneurs. The sharing of experiences by successful entrepreneurs and the discussion of opportunities in the sector provided valuable insights and motivation to participants.

Inspiring Shares from Experienced Names to the Young

Gizem Argunşah, Co-Founder of Skymod Technology, one of the prominent speakers of the panel, sincerely shared the challenges she faced and the successes she achieved in her entrepreneurial journey. Argunşah encouraged young people to pursue their dreams and not give up in the face of obstacles. Aleyna Yıldız, Co-Founder of AGON Biotechnology, shared her entrepreneurial experiences in the field of biotechnology, highlighting the opportunities in this field. Yıldız emphasized the importance of innovation to young people and inspired them to bring their own ideas to life.

The interactive sessions and question-and-answer sections held throughout the panel allowed participants to directly interact with entrepreneurs and gain insights into the topics they were curious about.

An Event Guiding Future Entrepreneurs

Organized entirely by a team of students, the Entrepreneurship Panel allowed IYTE students to actively participate in all stages of the event, from planning to execution, providing them with the opportunity to develop their organizational skills. This experience also served as an important opportunity for students to strengthen their entrepreneurial spirit and leadership qualities.

The Entrepreneurship Panel, as part of the IEEE IYTE PEAK Congress, represents much more than just an event; it serves as a guide for future entrepreneurs. The experiences, information, and advice shared at the panel help young people take significant steps towards realizing their entrepreneurial dreams. The event also brings together stakeholders in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, revealing the potential for collaboration and synergy.

Full Support for Entrepreneurship from IYTE

The Entrepreneurship Panel within the IEEE IYTE PEAK Congress once again demonstrated IYTE’s commitment to the field of entrepreneurship. Such events held within the university allow students to discover and develop their entrepreneurial skills. The contribution of IYTE students to the entrepreneurship ecosystem provides significant support for the development of successful entrepreneurs of the future.


The Entrepreneurship Panel, held as part of the IEEE IYTE PEAK Congress, has been etched in memories as an inspiring event where young talents met with experienced names. The fact that the event was organized by students and aimed at students was an indication of the trust and importance given to future entrepreneurs. IYTE continues to support young people in realizing their dreams by taking significant steps in the field of entrepreneurship through such events.

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