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Pilz Machinery Safety Expert Chatbot

Pilz Machinery Safety Expert Chatbot

Pilz is a leading global manufacturer of machine safety solutions. Established in Germany in 1948, the company has been at the forefront of industrial automation, providing innovative solutions in safety, automation, and control systems. Pilz plays a pioneering role in defining and implementing machine safety standards. With its broad range of products and expertise, it offers customers safe, efficient, and high-quality solutions.

Pilz Machine Safety Chatbot

Challenges and Objectives

As a leading company in machine safety, Pilz aimed to equip its internal consulting teams with a chatbot to swiftly provide accurate information. However, this endeavor encountered several challenges:

  1. Complex Technical Information: Machine safety involves intricate technical topics, posing a challenge in delivering precise information to the consulting teams.
  2. Multilingual Requirements: Being a global company, Pilz needed the chatbot to support multiple languages, adding complexity to the project.
  3. Focus on Internal Usage: The chatbot was to be utilized exclusively by Pilz’s internal consulting teams.
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The Solution

We, as Skymod, developed a customized machine safety expert chatbot exclusively for internal usage by Pilz’s consulting teams.

PilzBot offers information and support on a variety of topics, including:

  • Machine safety standards and regulations
  • Risk assessment and hazard analysis
  • Design and implementation of safety functions
  • Interlocking systems and safety devices
  • Training and awareness

The solution addressed the following:

  1. User-Friendly Interface: The chatbot boasted a user-friendly interface to comprehend complex technical topics and present them understandably.
  2. Multilingual Capabilities: PilzBot was equipped to understand and respond to queries in Turkish, English, and German, catering to the diverse linguistic needs of Pilz’s global teams.
  3. Optimization for Internal Usage: The chatbot underwent customization to align with the requirements of Pilz’s consulting teams, ensuring optimal internal usage.



Following the implementation of Skymod’s chatbot solution, Pilz witnessed several positive outcomes:

  1. Time Efficiency: PilzBot saved over 720 hours within six months, enabling the consulting teams to redirect their focus towards more complex tasks.
  2. Enhanced Internal & Customer Satisfaction: The chatbot enhanced internal satisfaction by providing timely assistance and reducing dependency on manual information retrieval by providing 24/7 accessibility and quick response times. Ensuring internal satisfaction has also led to improvements in customer support and created an invisible customer satisfaction.
  3. Cost Reduction: PilzBot contributed to reducing internal operational costs associated with information dissemination and training.
  4. Improved Knowledge Accessibility: With multilingual support, the chatbot facilitated knowledge sharing across Pilz’s global consulting teams, fostering collaboration and efficiency.

These outcomes underscore the success of Pilz’s internal adoption of the machine safety chatbot in streamlining processes and enhancing internal capabilities.


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