Generative AI Glossary-9

We share our glossary of terms so that you can get to know the world of generative artificial intelligence better.

Generative AI Glossary-9


Overfitting occurs in machine learning training when the algorithm can only work on specific examples within the training data. A typical functioning AI model should be able to generalize patterns in the data to tackle new tasks.


Model development process did not use the right algorithm or model to learn from the training data and create a fit that accurately predicts future data results, or it did not have a sufficiently representative range of training data.

Training data

Training data is used to teach the machine learning model how to make predictions or perform a desired task. Typically labeled; This means that the output of the model is known for each data point.

Test data

Test data is used to evaluate the performance of the machine learning model. It is usually different from the training data and is not labeled.

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