Generative AI Glossary-7

We share our glossary of terms so that you can get to know the world of generative artificial intelligence better.

Generative AI Glossary-7

Introducing Generative AI Glossary-7

Big data

Big data refers to the large data sets that can be studied to reveal patterns and trends to support business decisions. It’s called “big” data because organizations can now gather massive amounts of complex data using data collection tools and systems. Big data can be collected very quickly and stored in a variety of formats.


A chatbot is a software application that is designed to imitate human conversation through text or voice commands.


A token is a basic unit of text that an LLM uses to understand and generate language. A token may be an entire word or parts of a word.

Sentiment analysis

Also known as opinion mining, sentiment analysis is the process of using AI to analyze the tone and opinion of a given text.

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