Generative AI Glossary-4

We share our glossary of terms so that you can get to know the world of generative artificial intelligence better.

Generative AI Glossary-4


A series of instructions that allows a computer program to learn and analyze data in a particular way, such as recognizing patterns, to then learn from it and accomplish tasks on its own.

Artificial general intelligence (AGI)

A concept that suggests a more advanced version of AI than we know today, one that can perform tasks much better than humans while also teaching and advancing its own capabilities.

Natural language processing

A branch of AI that uses machine learning and deep learning to give computers the ability to understand human language, often using learning algorithms, statistical models and linguistic rules.

Neural network

A computational model that resembles the human brain’s structure and is meant to recognize patterns in data. Consists of interconnected nodes, or neurons, that can recognize patterns and learn over time.

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