Generative AI Glossary-1

We share our glossary of terms so that you can get to know the world of generative artificial intelligence better.

As SKYMOD, we are embarking on a journey to help you be more conscious in the world of generative artificial intelligence! 🚴‍♀️

Our first step, based on one of our founding goals, “to raise awareness about generative artificial intelligence and ensure that everyone uses this technology,” is to go deeper into the generative artificial intelligence terms we choose for you every week. In our “Generative AI Glossary” series, you will find definitions of terms and get one step closer to innovations in the world of technology.

Generative AI Glossary-1

Generative AI

A branch of AI that creates new outputs based on the training data set using machine learning algorithms.

GAN (Generative Adversarial Network)

A structure consisting of two separate models; While one tries to produce realistic data, the other tries to understand whether this data is real or artificial.


The tendency of AI models to produce nonsense or errors that do not make sense or match real-world information.


AI systems that can work with more than one type of data such as text, image, sound.

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*Terms taken from TRAI Generative Artificial Intelligence Report 2023.

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