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Connect with Your Customers Instantly: Skymod WhatsApp Chatbots

Our AI-powered chatbots can automate tasks, provide customer support, and even generate leads

A happy business woman who acquired WhatsApp business APIs. A phone screenshot where the WhatsApp chatbots are integrated.

Up to 98% Message Read Rates: The Power of WhatsApp Chatbots

Why WhatsApp Chatbots?

Group 174 High Reach: WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in the world, with over 2 billion active users. This allows your chatbot to reach a large audience.

Group 174 High Engagement: WhatsApp messages have much higher read and response rates compared to emails or SMS.

Group 174 Personalization: Chatbots can be customized to provide a personalized experience for each customer.

Group 174 Automation: Can be used to provide 24/7 support and automate manual tasks

Group 174 Data Collection: Can be used to collect feedback and data from customers.

Skymod chatbots integrate into whapsapp, instagram, website, mobile app, teams, linkedin telegram platforms without requiring code.

Skymod's WhatsApp Business API Integration Features

Skymod’s advanced AI technology allows your chatbot to answer your customers’ questions in the most accurate way.

Easy setup

You can easily set up and start using the WhatsApp Business API integration.

Custom chatbot design

You can design a custom chatbot to meet the needs of your customers.

Advanced artificial intelligence

Skymod is a company that produces generative AI-powered chatbots.

Detailed reporting

You can track the performance of your chatbot with detailed reports.